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From Good Smile Company, here are all the cute "Nendoroid" figure series available on animota!

POP UP PARADE" is a figure series that pursues a figure-fan-friendly form, with an affordable price that makes you want to pick it up, an easy-to-display size of 17 to 18 cm in height, and speedy delivery.

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We are a Japanese company and we have worked for a long time to help foreigner tourists in Japan to experience the real Japanese culture. We know that Japanese culture, especially contemporary Pop culture such as Anime, is really appreciated by people all over the world.
We created this shop to help share the love for Anime Pop Culture from Japan to the world.

We can ship Anime/Games figures and Anime/Games goods from Japan to any country. We sell ONLY original products. Our aim is to stop the sale of unauthorized products and we can confirm that no imitation/fake product will be shipped from us.
The name of our site, “animota”, derives proudly from the blending of the Japanese terms “anime”, “moe” and “otaku”


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