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Godzilla Fest 2022

Hello everyone!

I went to "Godzilla Fest 2022," held in Yurakucho, Tokyo, on November 3!

And to my surprise, a new Godzilla movie was announced in Japan!

On November 3, "Godzilla Day," Toho, a major distribution company, announced that a new "Godzilla" movie, the first since "Shin Godzilla" (2016), will be released in theaters on November 3, 2023, the "Godzilla Day".

The film will be directed, written, and VFX by Takashi Yamazaki.

I can’t wait for next November.

Now, I would like to introduce some photos of the venue on the day of "Godzilla Fest 2022"!


We were allowed to take pictures in front of the diorama set!

Maser-killing Ray Car with Godzilla in front of it. It's so cool!

There was also an exhibit of props that were actually used in the movie.

Of course, not only Japanese fans but many Godzilla fans from overseas visited the museum and took many pictures.


Head of “Mechagodzilla”

The mechanical mechanism of the head of "Godzilla" was on display.

Many people were also at the booth where current Godzilla figures were exhibited and introduced.


TAMASHII NATION/TAMASHII NATION is a figure exhibition and sales event held annually since 2008.

It is organized by BANDAI SPIRITS and includes related events such as "TAMASHII Feature’s."

“Godzilla" and "Type 3 Kiryu" are so cool!

And this time, "Gigan" is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so there will be figures and a special "Gigan" exhibition.

A CG-animated film of "Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex," which was created just for this occasion, was also unveiled.

Figures of the cyborg monster "Gigan”

The video of "Godzilla vs. Gigan Lex" shown on this day is also available on Youtube.


I also bought a soft vinyl figure from "Gigan!”

Totally cool, even on soft vinyl!

How was it?

At Animota, we still only have "Godzilla" figures related to "Godzilla Singular Point."

We will do our best to offer a wide range of Godzilla figures in the future!

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