Cancel and Return Policy

About Cancellation, Returns, and Exchanges of Products

◆ About Defective Products

If the delivered product is defective, contains the wrong product, or any of the products are missing, please get in touch with our designated contact person within 10 days of receipt of the product.

We will promptly replace or otherwise deal with the defective item.

(Please note that shipping and customs duties will be charged to the customer.)

If you have any questions regarding defective or missing products, please contact "animota Customer Service Center".

Products will be shipped in cardboard boxes. Please note that even if the shipping carton is damaged or crushed, however, the product itself is not damaged, we will not exchange the product or its package.

◆About Returns and Cancellation

Generally, we do not accept changes in products or quantities after an order has been confirmed, nor do we accept returns or refunds of products for reasons attributable to the customer.

Please confirm that there are no mistakes with your order on the confirmation screen before placing your order.

We do not accept returns or refunds for merchandise returned to our store for any reason other than the customer's convenience.

We will not accept returns or refunds if the product is not received at the customer's convenience and is returned to our store.