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Time flies.

Hello everyone!

This is Staff T!

I am going to change the contents of my blog a little bit from now on.

It has already been six months since this event.

◆Wonder Festival 2023 Report Blog◆


Time passes quickly, doesn't it?

And! Wonder Festival is held twice a year.


It will be held on Sunday, July 30!

Wonder Festival 2023 [Summer]

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Of course, Staff T will go!

Figures from Japan's hottest anime and video games are lying around!

I will be taking lots of pictures and videos, so please look forward to the event report blog.


Also, as for the recent arrival of figures in Japan, the figures that started to be reserved around 2022 have had their release dates postponed across the board due to Corona.

Conversely, recent figures have relatively early release dates.

However! If you find a figure you want, we recommend that you make a reservation without hesitation, because popular figures in Japan fill up quickly.

You will have to wait for an appointment, but you can definitely buy at a discount!

We will continue to bring you information on Japanese figures like this!

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