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Soul Web Limited ROBOT Soul Unicorn Gundam & Banshy Norn Final Shooting Ver.

Soul Web Limited ROBOT Soul Unicorn Gundam & Banshy Norn Final Shooting Ver.


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  • Release date: 2015/10/23
  • Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Model number:
  • Grade: Unused
  • Condition: Unopened, outer box damage [Small]
  • Individual remarks: Outbox tape twice is pasted
  • Remarks on used products: Set contents
  • Unicorn Gundam body
  • Replacement wrist left and right 3 types each
  • Beam Magnum
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Shield x 3
  • Beam Gatling Gun x 3 sets (2 per set)
  • Joint for shield funnel
  • Soul STAGE set
  • Banshee Norn body
  • Right wrist for replacement 3 types
  • 4 types of replacement left wrist
  • Beam Magnum
  • Beam Saber x 2
  • Armed Armor de (Destroy Mode)
  • ·magazine
  • Revolving launcher
  • Knee damage reproduction parts
  • Beam Jutte Effect Parts
  • Soul STAGE set
  • Remarks on new products:

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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Robot Soul Soul Soul Robotama Robotama 332 Robot Soul

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