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Cross Frame Girl Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Dark Magician Girl Plastic Model

Cross Frame Girl Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Dark Magician Girl Plastic Model


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Release DateJun-2022
Series Title"Yu-Gi-Oh!" Series
Character NameDark Magician Girl
JAN code4934054014569
SpecificationsPlastic Model
Size: Approx. H185mm (non-scale)
DetailsSculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu, Hatioto

-The attached 4 types of expression parts have been painted, so even when simply assembled, the finish is close to the setting.
-The hat can be removed with the head attachment parts.
-The hat and bangs come with flow on the left and right sides respectively, so you can enjoy the display from various angles.
-With the replaceable attachment parts, part of the clothing hanging from the chest to the shoulder can be castoff.
-The wrist can be used for expressive posing by adopting a movable axis spherical joint.
-The wrist, including the joint, can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
-The 3mm-diameter connection hole on the back waist also makes it compatible to "M.S.G New Flying Base & New Flying Base Plus" sold separately, allowing the display in a floating action pose.
-The accessory "Magic spell document" can be displayed in both open and closed states as it can be unfolded without replacement.
-As an original gimmick for plastic models, the expression parts and some 3mm connections are partially compatible with the Toshiya original plastic model "Frame Arms Girls" series.

-Facial parts x4 types
-Hat x2 types (1 each with left & right flow)
-Bangs x2 types (1 each with left & right flow)
-Head attachment for hat connection hole
-PVC wrist x5 types each for left & right
-Rod weapon
-Magic spell document
-Accessory Stand for Display x2 types
-Decals for eyes and markings
Copyright(C)Studio Dice/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, KONAMI
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