Figure-rise Standard Android #18 (Renewal Ver.) Plastic Model "Dragon Ball"

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Release DateApr-2021
Series Title"Dragon Ball" Series
Character NameAndroid #18
JAN code4573102582003
SpecificationsFigure-rise Standard welcomes Android #18!

1) The impressive articulation range allows you to recreate even feminine poses such as when she pushes her hair back in the series.
2) 3 types of expression parts are included. If you use the expressionless part you can act out the scene where she kissed Krillin!
3) Her skirt is made of soft material and her jacket can be removed. The kit fully preserves #18's charm!

It's a detailed product that even includes the bomb set inside the body by Dr. Gero.
Be sure to display her together with Android #17 to act out memorable scenes from the series.

-Effect parts (kikouha) x1
-Expression parts x3 (standard, angry, expressionless)
-Gripping hand (Left/Right) x1 each
-Open hand (Left/Right) x1 each
Copyright(c)Bird Studio/Shueisha, Toei Animation

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