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The Worst Spirit

Spirits are extraordinary beings from another dimension. Even against their own will, they cause a vast ”Spacequake” whenever they come to the human world, functioning like an explosion destroying the whole area and causing death for people.

Although Kurumi Tokisaki, also known as the most dangerous Spirit, is the only Spirit who tends to murder most of her victims with her bare hands.

She has killed over 10,000 humans, but despite her brutal actions, it appears that there’s an injustice behind her operations. Even with her being a truly mad murderer, she never kills a person without reason, and all of her victims seem to be rapists or animal abusers.

Besides, her craziness and psychotic behavior haven’t wholly destroyed her innocence, as she has a soft spot for small animals. You can see her agreeable intention in her ultimate objective: to go back in time and kill the first Spirit to obstruct the massacre of millions of lives.

However, having a good and reasonable purpose cannot change the fact that she is a murderer. Aware of that, Kurumi also doesn’t like being viewed as a kind of friendly person, insisting there’s no way back for her actions.

She is a Spirit with an almost unattainable goal. She does have the determination and skills to make her way to her destination. She has a unique set of powers that make her nearly matchless, and she also knows how to perform an exquisite and innocent act in front of anyone when needed.

Kurumi is a complex character to understand or read as she has a distinctive point of view and sense of justice, but that’s precisely what makes her unique and a genuinely interesting character.
Personally, I’m indeed interested in investigating more about her.

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