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The second period of production was decided!

The second season of the anime "[Oshi no Ko]" will be produced! Teaser Visual Revealed!

The production of the second season of the TV anime "[Oshi no Ko]" was announced on June 28!

The airing date and other details are yet to be determined, but we will report back as soon as we know more!

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The anime "[Oshi no Ko]" reached its final episode in the 11th episode "Idol" on June 28.

Immediately after the broadcast, the production of the second season was announced and a teaser visual and special video was released.

The visual depicts Aqua, Ruby, Kana Arima, MEMcho, Akane Kurokawa, and Ai.

In addition, the official Twitter page of the anime "[Oshi no Ko]" has released a recap cut of the 11th episode, "Idol.

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