"Oshi no Ko" - animota

The "Oshi no Ko" figure will be made into a figure!

Ai, Aqua, Ruby, and Kana Arima, aka Jyuso-chan, from "Oshi no Ko" are now available as figures at POP UP PARADE!

Good Smile Company will release POP UP PARADE "Ai", "Aqua", "Ruby", and "Kana Arima" from the TV anime series, "Oshi no Ko", The first prototype of the figure has been unveiled.

The prototype has been unveiled for the first time.

"Oshi no Ko" AI - animota

"Oshi no Ko" Aqua - animota

"Oshi no Ko" Ruby - animota

"Oshi no Ko" Kana Arima - animota

POP UP PARADE" is a series of figures priced from 3,900 yen (including tax), while maintaining the same pursuit of expression that brings out the charm of the characters, such as well-developed modeling and gradation painting.

From the popular TV anime series, "[Oshi no Ko]", Ai, the twins Aqua and Ruby, and Kana Arima, aka "Jyuso-chan", will join the lineup!

The prototypes of each character have already been revealed.

Be sure to get them all and display them side by side!

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