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Watch the Teaser Trailer for 'Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac' Hollywood Live-Action Film

A special trailer and teaser of the new Hollywood Live-action film "Knights of the Zodiac" have been released and are scheduled to be aired in 2023.

Knights of the Zodiac" is a Hollywood live-action film project based on Masami Kurumada's manga "Saint Seiya," which began in 1985.

The original manga depicts the activities of Seiya and other "saints" who fight wearing armor called the "cross.

The film will be directed by Tomek Baginski, executive producer and director of the Netflix series "The Witcher." Andy Chang (Jackie Chan Stunt Team "Cheng Jia Huan" / "Shan Qi: The Legend of the Ten Rings") will direct the action. VFX is handled by DNEG, which also directed "The Matrix: Resurrections," "Dune: Planet of the Sand," and "Jurassic World: The New Reign.

Seiya may be seen in the clip heading toward the derelict Athena's Sanctuary, foreshadowing his difficult journey ahead.

The graphics offer a look at the disarray of Athena's residence on the outskirts of Athens, potentially before Sienna's discovery and the recruitment of her Knights Order.

While the teaser trailer is packed with action-packed sequences, scenes of Seiya reawakening his Cosmo, and scenes of an age-old battle.

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