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As a twin child, Ram has always been a special Oni (Demon) since she was born. Because of having a twin little sister, she only had one horn in the middle of her forehead as Rem had the other horn, and that caused all of the Oni community to think of them as defective creatures.

Believing that, the Oni Clan decided to execute Ram and her sister to protect their pride. However, when Ram released her power to save themselves, the Clan noticed how much potential she had, and they were amazed. So they spared the twins’ lives, called Ram “The Second Coming of the Oni God,” and started adoring her after that.

Although Ram was perfect in every way, after losing her horn on a tragic night when the Witch Cult attacked their Clan, her demonic powers and abilities were decreased. Yet still, she can use her abilities, and other than that, she’s brilliant and has a very admirable personality.

She’s a vigilant girl who tends to keep a distance from people, she also has a sardonic character and may be cold and sarcastic, but she cares about her loved ones deeply. There’s nothing more precious to her than them. She treasures them so much and does anything to protect them.

Back then, when she lived with her family in their Clan, she was superior to Rem in everything, from physical abilities to cooking. Because of that, everyone, including her sister, literally adored her. But she never let any of them make her feel worthier than her sister. She always ensured her sister wasn’t left out and loved Rem to bits.

Their sisterly bond is powerful and even displayed in their demonic abilities, which is very lovely to witness.

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