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NekoPara is an adult visual novel based on an illustrator's doujinshi, Sayori.

The game was developed by Neko Works and published by Sekai Project.

Later on, Neko Works made it into an Anime, and NekoPara also has 7 chapters of Manga illustrated by Tam-U.

The visual novel contains 5 volumes and an extra volume, and the anime has 12 episodes.

The story starts with Kashou Minaduki, the son of a long line of Japanese confection makers, moving out to open his own shop, "La Soleil," as a patisserie and start his business.

But when he moves out and unpacks his things, he finds two catgirls hiding among them.

Chocola and Vanilla, the catgirls who Kashou's family had been raising.

First, he wants to send them back, but they beg and plead until he finally gives in and decides to keep them, so he ends up opening "La Soleil" together.

Even though there are only two catgirls at first, more of them get involved with Kashou when his sister, Shigure, brings them with her when she comes to pay him a visit.

After that, the other catgirls, Coconut, Azuki, Maple, and Cinnamon, also decide to stay at Kashou's place and help him with his pastry shop.

The visual novel has five main volumes and one extra volume, and each volume has its own central story, which is unrelated to the other volumes.

NekoPara Vol. 0 revolves around the daily life of Shigure with the family's 6 catgirls before Kashou moved out and opened his own pastry shop.

The novel shows a typical day of the Minaduki family as Shigure and the catgirls do some daily chores and spend time together.

The main story begins at NekoPara Vol. 1, where Kashou moves out, finds Chocola and Vanilla hiding among his stuff, and eventually gives in, letting the two stay with him. Later at the very end, the other four catgirls also decide to move in with him and start working at his pastry shop.

The main characters of NekoPara Vol. 2 are Coconuts and Azuki.

These two have a strong sisterly bond, but lately, they seem to fight a lot, and a slight misunderstanding leads the two sisters to be distant from each other.

As the story goes by, they learn to understand each other better, strengthen their familial bond and grow closer.

NekoPara Vol. 3 focuses more on Maple and Cinnamon, the six closest cat sisters.

In the story plot, it turns out that, unlike the other catgirls, Maple has a goal she wants to achieve.

But one day, she encounters something that shakes her belief in attaining her dream, and Cinnamon tries to help her in every way possible, not wanting to see her dear sister suffer.

NekoPara Vol. 4 narrates Kashou's insecurities as he recalls his father's opinion that his baking skills are not good enough.

Even though "La Soleil" is famous and successful now, his father doesn't seem to approve of it.

Determined to get his father's approval and clear his head from negative thoughts, Kashou takes a trip to France to seek advice from his mentor, who also happens to be his grandmother.

NekoPara Extra ~The kitten's First Promise~ is a short story about young Chocola and Vanilla, showing how they were found and adopted by the Minaduki family.

Although the extra volume is mainly about Chocola and Vanilla, it also includes the other young catgirls.

The series is a light and sweet comedy story about cat sisters bonding together, and the fans can easily enjoy the story's pleasant softness.

However, the storyline has some sexual aspects, which may be a little disturbing for some people.

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