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Chainsaw Man is now showing!


Chainsaw Man

Started on 2022/10/11 (TUE) in Japan, the popular anime Chainsaw Man is now streaming in Japan’s Amazon Prime Video.

I watched the first episode immediately too!

Even in the manga depictions give off a lively feeling, but Chainsaw Man is actually moving in the anime; So it was more impressive and the content was exciting as well.

The series now is “The Public Safety Department“ but I’m looking forward to see more actions and depictions of Chainsaw Man from now on. 


We are selling goods and merchs related to Chainsaw Man on animota, so we will be happy if you would take a look! 

Well then, have a great weekend everyone!

First, here’s a summary about Chainsaw Man

【Public safety】
The creatures called “Demon” are becoming rampant in everyday life.

Denji, a boy who had to repay his deceased father’s debt, and Pochita, “The Demon of Chainsaw,” were making a living as “Devil Hunter” exterminating demons.

However, the debt didn’t diminish quickly, and even though he wished for an ordinary life, his wish could not possibly be fulfilled.
One day, Denji was tricked by a Yakuza who was giving him job offers, and “The Demon of Zombies” murdered him and Pochita.
Yet, Pochita revives Denji by drinking his blood, becoming Denji’s heart in exchange for the contract.

Denji, resurrected, obtained power as he transformed into “The Demon of Chainsaw” and eradicated the group of zombies.

At that place, Makima, the Devil Hunter of the Public Safety Department, guided Denji hastily and took control of his body.
Denji was transferred to the main office of the Public Safety Department.

As Makima ordered, his senior Hayagawa Aki started coexisting with Denji, who was selected to hold the power of “The Fiend of Blood” as his body.

The Public Safety Department attempted to subdue “The Demon of Rifle,” who once murdered 1100000 people in only 7 minutes, and there were pieces of The Demon of Rifle’s scattered meat in every part of the world.

Although, people who had a contract with The Demon of Rifle, demons who obeyed him, and “Creatures who are not human nor demon” like Denji were making Denji’s heart go mad.


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