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F: NEX Lem Gallee -Wedding Dress -1/7 Scale Figure (Slave Magic of Different World Demon King and Summoned Girl ω)

F: NEX Lem Gallee -Wedding Dress -1/7 Scale Figure (Slave Magic of Different World Demon King and Summoned Girl ω)


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  • Release date: 2021/12/15
  • Manufacturer: Flue
  • Model number: amu-fnx267
  • Grade: Unused
  • Condition: Unopened
  • Individual remarks:
  • Naka Koi Remote: Work name: Different world Demon King and summoning girl's slave magic ω
  • Name: Rem Gallee -Wedding Dress -1/7 scale figure
  • Price: 19,800 yen (tax included)
  • Target age: 15 years old or older
  • All height: about 200 mm
  • Material: PVC, ABS
  • Prototype production: Kaoru Sakaki/ Yokoto Honobo (Wonderful Works)
  • Coloring production: Hinokiya
  • Coloring cooperation: Hitomi Haga (Allegro)
  • Remarks on new products:

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