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Freing B-Style Suwon Chizuru Bunny ver. 1/4 Scale figure (she borrows)

Freing B-Style Suwon Chizuru Bunny ver. 1/4 Scale figure (she borrows)


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  • Release date:
  • Manufacturer: Freeing
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  • Grade: Used A
  • Condition: outer box damage [Small]
  • Individual remarks: Manufacturer check product
  • Naka -Koi Remarks: Rather than "Her, I will borrow", which is also scheduled to be broadcast in 2022, one of the heroines "Suwon Chizuru" is three -dimensional on a 1/4 scale. The costume has a figure of the original bunny suit. Passionate crimson bunny suit, cuffs and colors for black color scheme. Finished with a slightly mature glossy color scheme. The expression with a little bit of a chizuru -like eyebrow is irresistible for fans. In conjunction with the "Sakurazawa Summer Bunny ver.", Please welcome her, a little adult sexy that cannot be seen in the original.
  • specification
  • PVC painted finished product, 1/4 scale, dedicated pedestal attached, full height: about 460mm
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