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Get free Twitch panels! (Free download)

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To our customers,

Thank you for supporting animota.
We are pleased to announce that animota has prepared customizable Twitch panels to use on the popular live-streaming site, "Twitch."
The panels are designed to incorporate various styles from the hottest video games of the moment.
The product is available as a free download! (limited to one per person)
After purchasing the product, animota will send you an email with a link to download the free panel.
Don't miss this opportunity!

Kind regards,
animota support

【Digital Downloading Terms and Agreement】-Please note that Digital Content is non-refundable.
-The Company(herein referred to as "animota") shall not be liable for any downloading problems
caused by customer reasoning, such as poor Internet connection.
-Minors shall purchase Digital Content only with the consent of a parent or guardian.
The Company shall deem such consent to have been given upon purchase.
-"animota" shall not be liable for any failure to deliver or receive notices due to reasons on the part
of the purchaser of Digital Content, such as incorrectly entered e-mail addresses.
-You may use the Content for personal use only and on your personal devices only.
-You may not use the Content in any product for resale, license, or distribution.
-You may not sell the Content to others for consumption, reproduction, or resale.
-Any use of the Content other than authorized use is a violation of copyright.
-You may create only one copy of the Content for backup purposes.
-This service may be changed or terminated by "animota" at any time for any reason.
-Neither the "animota" nor the creator makes any warranty regarding the Content of Digital Content.
-Neither "animota" nor the creator shall be liable for any dispute
arising from or in connection with the Content of the Digital Content.


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